Good health is the building block of human development. We provide affordable health services and specialize in midwifery training, so mothers and their children are no longer left behind.

AfD’s Comprehensive Health Centre in Kabul offers affordable quality health care and has longer opening hours than regular health centres. In addition to midwifery trainings, the CHC also conducts regular trainings of community health workers, both of which benefit isolated communities through their cascade approach. AfD is newly planning to scale up nutrition screenings at its CHC to address malnutrition among children.

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    Comprehensive Health Center (CHC)
    The long-lasting conflict in Afghanistan has created mass displacement both outside and inside the country. As a result, Kabul alone has a population of around 4 million and is one...
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    Midwifery Training
    The idea of a midwifery training came in response to the communities’ dire needs. Under the Taliban, female healthcare specialists were banned from their jobs, and males were forbi...
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    Doctor’s Training in Reproductive Health
    Action for Development’s (AfD) has focused on finding solutions to Afghanistan’s healthcare crisis since its very beginning. One of the main issues that the country faces is a lack...
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    Nutrition Project
    Afghanistan has been recognized as a “high priority country” by the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) for tackling malnutrition. According to the 2013 National Nutrition Survey, appro...
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    Rahyab School for Disabled Children
    Afghan children face hardship on many levels, but disabled children are confronted with additional barriers, such as social stigma and isolation from the community. It is believed ...
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    Street Children Back to School
    Nearly four decades of war in Afghanistan has led to socioeconomic strife on a nationwide scale. Extreme poverty and instability have caused an increase in child labor in the count...
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    Project Advocacy
    Advocacy AfD strives for empowerment of communities and improved human rights in Afghanistan. Our vision for Afghanistan is a society based on democracy and law, where eve...
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    Project Emergency
    Afghanistan is prone to landslides, flooding, earthquakes, and extreme droughts. They have devastating effects on people’s lives when infrastructures and resources are ...