October 28, 2015

About us

Action for Development (AfD) is a non-governmental international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are driven by the vision of a world of enabled communities working towards a brighter future. Founded in 2001, AfD was granted consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2014.

Active on an international scale, we focus our efforts on individuals’ access to vital needs. According to the World Bank, 12.7% of the world population lives with less that $1.90 per day. The cycle of poverty’s effect on every aspect of the lives of these people makes it extremely difficult for them to escape poverty. It generates violence and terrible living conditions and often blocks any chance of economic growth. It is a cause of instability and conflicts, and it reduces the access to health services and education. Countries like Afghanistan are very affected because all of the issues related to poverty are concentrated there. Several wars have destroyed the structures allowing the country to function, and current data illustrates the chaos still present in the country. Every 27 minutes, an Afghan woman dies due to pregnancy or childbirth complications. 6.6% of Afghan children don’t live to celebrate their first birthday, and one in 10 children will not make it to 5 years of age.

We have oriented our actions towards solutions to fight disease, illiteracy, inequality and towards support to the poorest communities, helping them become actors in the reconstruction of their country. This reappropriation comes through better access to services allowing to fulfill individual’s vital needs such as healthcare, hygiene, clean water, food and education. Indeed, illiteracy creates severe damages on the whole of society, deepening economic inequalities between men and women. In Afghanistan, children and women are the first victims of this collateral damage. Although Afghan laws strictly forbid child labor, hardship forces them into jobs unadapted to their young age. This is why the goal of our different projects is to address the different factors blocking empowerment and place individuals at the heart of the reconstruction effort.

AfD works in collaboration with governments and local partners to bring adapted lasting solutions to the population.