October 28, 2015

About us

Action for Development (AfD) is a United Nations ECOSOC registered nonprofit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. In collaboration with other international institutions, AfD uses evidence-based approaches to scale up assistance in building stronger health systems in Afghanistan. AfD works with communities to empower them in situations of disease, illiteracy and poverty. As of September 2012, AfD has worked in six Afghan provinces and has since changed lives of more than a hundred thousand mothers and children from deprived and vulnerable families.

AfD aims to address root causes and place individuals at the heart of the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan. Our community-led approach gives ordinary Afghans a voice in their own development, making them active participants in design and implementation of projects. With many years of experience, our majority Afghan team has a profound understanding of local, cultural and ethnic perspectives, which have earned them great trust and respect among the communities they serve.

AfD’s projects are steered towards solutions to fight disease, illiteracy, and inequality, helping communities overcome poverty and become actors in the reconstruction of their own country. Through re-appropriation comes better access to services meeting people’s vital needs such as healthcare, education, hygiene, clean water and food. AfD offers affordable quality health care through its Comprehensive Health Centre, as well as training programs for health professionals and midwives in an effort to reduce maternal and infant mortality. Furthermore, AfD is helping children with limited means gain access to quality education, notably children with disabilities and street children, with a particular focus on girls.

In addition to our projects in Health, Nutrition and Education, several communities benefited from our emergency aid (during natural disasters) and preparedness efforts to better respond to future disasters and emergencies.

AfD currently seeks to establish new partnerships to form a global network of associations with similar mandates and goals. AfD aims to address health and educational challenges to improve lives of those most in need through new funding opportunities and partnerships with international organizations.