June 21, 2016


AfD strives to help communities become self-reliant. We pursue the objective of empowering them in the best possible conditions. Our vision for Afghanistan is a society based on democracy and law, where every person is conscious of his or her rights and has the chance to assert them.

We defend the idea that all Afghans are able to participate in their community’s political and economical life, and that they can become instigators to the development of their resources, without having to put their lives in danger. Our projects for the defence of rights are directed towards the most vulnerable: women, children, people living with handicaps and isolated communities.

As an organization, we believe it is our responsibility to work towards lasting changes regarding Human Rights in Afghanistan. The country lacks efficient, independent awareness and aid programs for individuals and especially for victims of abuse. In collaboration with our national and international partners, we are involved in promoting Human Rights and democracy to overcome the abuse from which Afghanistan’s most vulnerable suffer. We create programs in partnership with the Afghan government, supporting dialogue between communities on topics related to fundamental human rights, enabling each individual to find his or her role in rebuilding civil society.