2016 Midwifery Training: First Phase Completed

AfD’s annual midwifery training program is underway, with the first phase completed on September 7. During this phase, 10 midwives from the region of Bamyan took part in a capacity enhancement and master training program. These professionals will now return to their rural health facilities, where they will transmit their newly acquired knowledge to one[…]

35% increase in Visitors to Health Center

Visits to AfD’s Comprehensive Health Center have increased by 35% over the last few months, according to the center’s management staff. This can be explained by the shipment of Swiss pharmaceuticals to the center in June. Afghanistan faces shortages of high-quality medication; patients often rely on more readily available but less reliable treatments. AfD will[…]

Delivery of medication to Kabul’s health center

On June 16th, AfD’s first shipment of medicine donated from Swiss pharmaceutical companies was delivered to the Comprehensive Health Center in Kabul. The shipment comprised approximately 4,800 boxes of medication, mainly antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, oral contraceptives and antidepressants, and will benefit 4,300 patients over the coming six months. The shipment was made possible thanks to generous donations[…]