May 30, 2016

First Intervention in Argo District

On May 2, 2014, approximately 2500 people were killed, severely hurt or reported missing as a result of landslides caused by heavy rains in the district of Argo, Badakhshan. The region also suffered from severe damages to crops and housing. Approximately 1000 families were affected, and 300 houses were destroyed. The region was in need of urgent assistance to provide food, water and temporary shelter to victims, and the lack of access to drinking water brought aggravated risks of severe disease.

In response to the landslides, AfD quickly launched a fundraising campaign, appealing to donor’s generosity. The goal of the campaign was to provide water filters to families who had lost their homes and their access to drinking water.

The money raised paid for the purchase, shipping and delivery of 110 gravity water filters. With the partnership of Afghanaid for the final segment of delivery, 110 families from the villages of Abe Barik and Qaladara benefitted from the project by November 2014.

Thanks to generous donations and to efficient partnerships, we were able to reach our goal and provide water filters to the victims of the Badakhshan landslide. In total, 747 people benefitted from the project, including 475 children under the age of 15.