May 9, 2016

Mission and Vision

Vision: Healthy families, empowered communities
Mission: Reduce child and maternal mortality in Afghanistan through community-based, innovative and cost-effective approaches


Action for Development (AfD) works with local communities to save lives and improve health in rural settings. Our main focus is women and children who are most vulnerable especially in conflict areas. AfD pursued its endeavors in the areas of health service, education for children, training and capacity building in various fields, as well as water and sanitation. We aim to empower women through access to education and knowledge. Our success comes from an effective bottom-up approach through participation, community empowerment and ownership of the programs. AfD’s approach makes every program influential and sustainable across the six provinces where it was implemented.


Health and education is a human right, it requires a sustainable approach and long-lasting commitment.

  • Healthy and educated communities contribute to the improvement of a country’s economic situation and political stability
  • Knowledge and strong will is developed from childhood, and children are the future of a country
  • Scaling up evidence-based methods and technologies will lead to widespread impact on health
  • Commitment to the vision results in positive impacts


Our values unite our members, staff, and communities who we serve. This creates a dedicated team working together to achieve our mission. We hold ourselves accountable to live up to these values in our daily and professional lives.


We aim to delivering quality work, and have a positive impact in the communities we serve.


We bring together different strengths to work towards a better world. We value collaborations that are built on trust and dignity.


We strive to deliver in line with our agreements and with high ethical standards; and through this, we aspire to gain trust from our partners, donors, and the communities we serve.


Empowered communities can determine their own future. We work together with our partners, donors and colleagues towards establishing effective and efficient systems towards their empowerment.


AfD is a multicultural organization which honors and respects cultural values of all origins. We constantly learn and build on past experiences to create new ideas for a brighter future.