9 mai 2016

Interventions d’urgence

Au cours des dernières années. l’Aghanistan a été touché par plusieurs catastrophes naturelles: des glissements de terrain, des avalanches, des tremblements de terre, des sécheresses et des inondations. Leurs effets sur la vie


Over the past few years, Afghanistan has been hit by several natural disasters; landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, drought and flooding. Their effects on people’s lives is multiplied due to poor, fragile infrastructures, difficult access to the areas hit and a general lack of resources for reconstruction. The extent of the destruction often forces people to leave everything behind and relocate to refugee camps or urban areas of the neighbouring regions, where they have nothing to call their own.

AfD responds to natural disasters with emergency relief actions. We were present in Badakhshan after the landslides of May 2015, assisting to provide drinking water and winterization equipment, and launched a fundraising campaign in the same region after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck in October 2015. Ourcontacts with local populations and with international organizations have allowed effective emergency relief work focused on the immediate needs as laid out by the victims. We have proven our ability to reach remote areas few organizations access, and our networks have allowed us to reduce operational costs, focusing our resources on addressing urgent issues.

AfD maintains its philosophy of empowerment of local populations even in times of emergency. For example, after the landslide in Badakshan, we chose to employ local manufacturer to build heaters for the displaced populations, creating revenues that will have a positive impact on the local economy and on people’s living situation.

AfD needs your help to come to the rescue of the poorest of the poor. Please donate to one of our current emergency relief campaigns.